Growing in the hard places


I found this tiny gem growing through a crack in the sidewalk today. We’ve had heavy frost many times this fall and the flower beds have been bare for almost two weeks yet there it is, its perfect little face looking up at the afternoon sun!

I, too, have been growing in hard places this past year but unlike the little pansy, completely surrounded by bare concrete, I have not been alone. I am surrounded by a garden of family and friends, watered and nourished by their love and sustained by their prayers. I do not wither and fade away. I turn my face to the Son and there is life!



10 thoughts on “Growing in the hard places

    • I couldn’t believe it when I saw that little blossom this morning! It seemed like such an encouraging sign. I even checked to see if it was going to freeze tonight so if it was, I could go out and cover it!

  1. Wow!! What a testimony!!
    Yes, you have had a year no one should have to experience, but as my dad used say, “You have come out smelling like a rose.”
    You ARE a beautiful rose – fashioned and nourished by our Father and a wonderfully supportive husband May God continue to restore and give you grace.

  2. I have a tomato plant trying to regrow too! I might dig it out and bring it in to see if it will grow indoors. Poor thing is trying so hard out in the cold! But it lifts my spirit to see it.

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