First day of spring

According to the calendar, today is the first day of spring, but looking out the window I see a grey, gloomy Eeyore sort of day.


Yes, though it seemed for a little while that spring had come, this morning we woke up to snow again! The geese are back, the pussy willows are in bloom, Jami-Lee and her little friends found dozens of ladybugs at the playground in Calgary last week, and I’ve heard that the gophers have been out and about. I suspect that they’re huddling deep in their holes this morning though.

The best thing about snow in March is that it isn’t likely to stay very long and it will provide much needed moisture for the fields. Unlike the eastern part of the continent, we didn’t get as much snow as usual this winter.

I’m not a fan of winter and I’d love it if the first day of spring really was spring-like, but like Eeyore, I’ll try to look on the bright side. I’ve been receiving regular updates from a missionary couple living in Vanuatu, the remote cluster of tiny south Pacific islands that was blasted by Tropical Cyclone Pam late last week. It has been called the worst storm to ever hit the Pacific region and the devastation is beyond imagination. More than half of Vanuatu’s buildings have been badly damaged, many having their roofs blown off, and up to a third of the country’s 266,000 people have been left homeless. What’s a little spring snow compared to that? I dare not complain!

One of our Vanuatu churches

One of our Vanuatu churches

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4 thoughts on “First day of spring

  1. Why do you have geese already? Surely we are warmer and we haven’t heard a honk!

    I have always thanked God that Canada is my home. Although we have some nasty winters we don’t get many devastating natural events. Even tornadoes hit and miss and the big ones are rare. Winter we expect – every year! I will pray for your missionary friends and all the people displaced in Vanuatu.

  2. It was sad whatever happened in Vanuatu. The schools here are doing some charity sales and swim galas to raise fund for the victims. That’s all we can do from far.. hope the relief fund would help rebuilding the islands. On another note, enjoy the better season. Over here it is almost summer.. and we’ve been hit by some worst sand storms we’ve seen in many years.

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