A new diagnosis!

Yes, that’s right! Apparently two different cancers in 20 months wasn’t enough. This time I’ve been told that I’m pre diabetic.

In this regard, I’m following in the footsteps of my grandmother, my mother and my aunt. Fortunately, Nana lived to 83, Mom to 92 and my aunt is an amazingly active 91. None of them developed full blown diabetes. Hopefully, I won’t either but if I do, it’s manageable. I’ve already spoken with my doctors at the Cross Cancer Institute and they’ve assured me that it wouldn’t change anything as far as my cancer treatment is concerned.

There are 3 lifestyle changes that are usually recommended for a diabetic (or pre diabetic):

      • Lose weight. Umm… no! At 5’8″ tall and 135 to 140 pounds, I don’t have any extra weight to spare!
      • Make dietary changes. Again, not an easy one for me as we already eat an extremely healthy diet, but we met with a nurse this morning and I have a bunch of reading to do on this subject. Apparently, I don’t have to eliminate sugar. Moderation is the key. That means that I don’t have to completely cut chocolate out of my life. After all, would life without chocolate be worth living? It looks like I have a lot to learn about carbs though; which ones to choose and how much of them to eat. I might also be wise to cut out my morning glass of orange juice even though it’s almost as essential to me as most people’s first cup of coffee! A couple of common slogans for diabetics are “Don’t drink your fruit” and “Don’t drink your sugar”.
      • Exercise. Again, exercise has already been a vital part of my life, but I do admit to getting rather lax about it over the past few months. 30 minutes of aerobic exercise 5 days a week is recommended. The half hour of yoga like exercise that I do 5 mornings a week doesn’t count as it doesn’t elevate my heart rate. Sadly, golf doesn’t either, except maybe in those moments when it frustrates the heck out of me! No, it’s time to get back in the habit of going for a brisk walk every day.



Well, I’d love to be curling up with a good novel this evening, but I guess I’d better start reading this stuff instead!


14 thoughts on “A new diagnosis!

    • Apparently, high-fiber complex carbohydrates, also known as slow-release carbs, are the good ones. They help keep blood sugar levels even because they’re digested more slowly preventing the body from producing too much insulin. Now I just have to figure out which ones they are! 🙂

  1. It’s all about the carb counts, subtracting the fibre, free foods etc. The nutritional information that’s on most items makes it much easier to calculate. It’s actually a healthy diet to follow. Good luck Elaine. I look forward to seeing you and Richard out walking and holding hands 🙂

  2. My husband has been a diabetic for years–white potatoes are one of the worst offenders–red skinned are the best–we try to keep it down to about 2 servings a week–white pasta and rice are also not that great–but since you are already a healthy eater you probably already partake in whole grains. I wish you the best with this–as if you need more to contend with. If you need any more hints–I will let you know what he does to keep his numbers down. He is on medication but not insulin–and exercise really does make a huge difference. Hugs and prayers to you….

  3. I’m beginning to think we get to a certain age and are all diagnosed with pre-diabetes. I’m getting my blood tested in the next couple of weeks – for diabetes. I have several friends who are pre- and type 2.

    Good luck with the diet. It apparently works.

  4. It’s proven that a diabetic person can live a normal life. My dad was diagnosed years ago and he has been keeping his at bay. He control his carbs and exercise a lot. Easier for him as he has always been a sportsman. Yoga as you say, does not elevate heart rate and burn calories which mostly is sugar. It is more of a stretching routine. Try dance workout at home. I’ve been doing dance workout at home for a month now using youtube and ii works for me. I’m not a runner, but I need the aerobic workout for my heart and to burn the excess calories. Dance workout makes me sweat, elevate my heart rate and 30 minutes just fly away in a snap! I have to be careful too as diabetes runs in both sides of my family. Hang in there.. the ‘survivor’ gene in your family is strong 🙂

    • Hmm… I hadn’t thought of trying a dance video. For now, since the weather is so nice, I will take a brisk walk every day but when winter comes, I will be looking for other options.

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