The old farmstead

If you’ve been following my blog for very long, you may remember how much I enjoy exploring the old farmsteads scattered across the prairie. If only walls could talk, what stories they would tell!

Today, we made the one hour drive to Wainwright to pick up a piece that Richard had ordered for the golf cart. On the way, we passed an old abandoned house hiding behind an abundance of beautiful lilacs. As always, I was intrigued.

in lilacs

When we arrived in Wainwright, we discovered that the wrong part had been ordered! Fortunately, the trip was not for naught. We went out for lunch, did a bit of much needed shopping and found eight geocaches before heading for home. On the way back, Richard slowed the vehicle as we once again approached the old house hiding behind the lilac bushes.

“Do you want to stop?” he asked, already knowing what the answer would be. Of course, I did!



Can you imagine sitting in the shade on the front porch gazing across the open prairie or watching the stars come out at night?


The floor is rotted out in places, exposing the root cellar under the kitchen, so we didn’t walk around inside but it was easy to take photos through the open windows and doors. Who slept in the two small bedrooms, I wondered, and what did they dream about? I’m sure that many good times were had as well as challenges met under that roof.



Before we left, Richard took out his trusty pocket knife and snipped off a few sprigs of lilac. I have no idea who planted those bushes, now so overgrown, but their heavenly scent now fills my kitchen!


IMG_5224 - Version 2


8 thoughts on “The old farmstead

  1. You’re so cool it makes my head spin. Around there? It could well have been some distant relative of Dan who built that place.

  2. Absolutely beautiful pictures. We have lilacs – I can’t bring them into the house because I’m allergic to them but it is sure nice to walk by and smell that beautiful scent on the breeze.

  3. I love old farmsteads and abandoned houses, too – except when we visited our old home at Lockwood, SK. Everything was gone except Grandpa and Grandma’s old house and it wasn’t really safe to go inside, but we did anyway!
    We had gone to Lockwood for a 100 year homecoming, as had Gord & Lynette, and spent some time driving around the community and reliving our childhood.

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