Happy Birthday, Following Augustine!

Eight years ago today, I wrote my very first blog post. It was just three sentences long and simply announced:

Richard and I have just accepted positions teaching conversational English in Japan. This is a one year commitment and we’ll be leaving in mid March. The main purpose of this blog is to share our adventure with friends, family and anyone else who’s interested.

What a lot has happened since that time and how the blog has grown! Prior to today, I’ve written 688 posts on a wide variety of topics and the blog has been viewed more than 66 000 times. It’s traveled the world with me, chronicling my adventures in each of the countries listed to the right, and early in the new year we’ll be adding yet another one to the list! For the past 27 months, it has also helped me process and share my ongoing cancer journey.


Though I originally thought the blog would only last for the one year that we lived in Japan, it has become such a part of me that I can’t imagine it ever coming to an end! It’s given me a voice I never knew I had and causes me to live life with my eyes wide open. It connects me with interesting people around the world and fulfills my lifelong passion for writing.

I look forward to many more fine adventures to share, but recently it’s been my opinion pieces that have garnered the greatest readership, so I will continue to write those too. I pledge to do so with as much wisdom as God allows me, with integrity and with respect for those whose opinions differ from mine.

And today, in closing, I raise my glass to you, my readers! Without you, Following Augustine would be nothing more than a lot of empty words floating about in cyberspace!


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