What’s your purse-onality?

Are you a big purse person or a small purse person? Do you have multiple purses for various occasions or to complement different outfits or do you have one basic bag that goes everywhere with you? Do you prefer a shoulder strap, shorter handles or a clutch? We women are as different as our handbags!

Several years ago, I tried living life as a small purse person and it worked for a little while. It had to have a built in wallet compartment though and I insist on having the hands free convenience of a shoulder strap. Shortly after we went to Japan to teach English in early 2008, the zipper on the last of those little purses wore out (possibly from trying to stuff too much into it!) and I knew I had to replace it with something bigger. During the year that we were there, our days off were like mini vacations and I needed a purse that would accommodate extras like my camera.

Of course, I also had to purchase a wallet as the new, larger purse didn’t have a built in one. Off I went to Seiyu, Japan’s version of Walmart, and found just what I was looking for at a very reasonable price. Though I’ve worn out several purses since that time, I never dreamt that I’d still be using the same wallet almost 8 years later! It’s beginning to show some wear, but I’ll likely have it for quite awhile yet.

Several months ago, I was given what I believe will be the perfect purse for traveling. It can be worn over the shoulder or cross body for extra security. I tried using it as my everyday bag (yes, though I have a couple of  little evening purses, I’m pretty much a one bag goes everywhere girl), but it was actually TOO big. I quickly tired of digging to the bottom of it to find things. I’ll soon be taking it on a long awaited trip though. In addition to the usual items found in my purse, it will handily carry my camera, sunscreen, sunglasses and a scarf. Those (especially the last item) are hints to where I’m going. Can you guess?


the travel purse

I don’t know how gals who carry teeny, tiny clutches do it. I seem to carry my life in my purse! I found my present one, made of genuine leather, for less than $25 at a Boxing Week sale. (That’s our Canadian equivalent to America’s Black Friday sales and begins on Boxing Day, December 26.) It’s a mid-sized bag with lots of handy compartments. It seems a wee bit cramped right now but that won’t last. When I get everything loaded onto the new smart phone that I was given for Christmas, I’ll no longer need to carry an address book, a calendar or the electronic Bible/dictionary that has gone everywhere with me for many years.


for everyday

So, what else is usually found in my purse? Keys, notebook, pen, chequebook, bowling score cards, a mini folder full of rewards cards from a wide variety of stores, a packet of tissues, a reusable shopping bag, hand lotion, lip balm, nail clippers, emery board, a tiny pair of folding scissors (I’ll have to remember to leave those out when I switch to the travel purse so that I don’t lose them going through airline security), medications, a cloth for cleaning glasses, bandaids and safety pins (after all, I was a Mom and a school teacher for a lot of years!), and a spare pair of earrings for those days when I’m out and about and discover that I forgot to put any on. I also carry a travel toothbrush and a tiny tube of toothpaste. After surgery to remove a cancerous tumour from one of my main salivary glands followed by 6 weeks of radiation to my neck and jaw in 2014, I’m supposed to brush my teeth every time I eat. I hate having to brush in public washrooms, but it’s a small price to pay for hopefully keeping my teeth!

What do you carry in your purse?

What’s your purse-onality? 




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