Summertime toes

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 11.07.24 PM 3Summer seemed to come early to western Canada this year and we’ve experienced some record high temperatures over the past couple of weeks. After being hidden beneath the warmth of socks, shoes and boots all winter, my toes are out in the open again! I’ve been padding around the house in bare feet and wearing sandals much of the time.

With barefoot season comes my trademark gold toenail polish! I don’t remember when this tradition first began, but I’ve been wearing gold polish on my toes for many years.


They usually remain polish free over the winter months unless we’re in sunnier climes, but here they are enjoying a beautiful beach in Costa Rica a few winters ago.


Far more important than my toenail colour, however, is what I do year round to keep my feet healthy and ready for these barefoot days of summer. The last thing I do before sliding my feet between the bedsheets every night of the year is apply lotion to them. No dried out, calloused or cracked heels for this barefoot girl!

I’m not particularly fussy about what kind of lotion I use and I don’t usually bother looking for a cream that’s specifically designed for feet. It’s the consistency of doing this on a daily basis that works for me, not the brand of lotion or the ingredients in it.  There are always a variety of scented and unscented body lotions on my bedside table to choose from. That being said, however, I do have a special tube of Ahava foot cream that I purchased at the Dead Sea in January that I’ve been saving for this summer!

How do you take care of your feet?

What’s your favourite toenail colour?



8 thoughts on “Summertime toes

  1. I like a coral shade of polish and keep my toes done all year. Sure agree with you about the importance of daily lotion, though!!!

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