What’s in your purse?

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 11.07.24 PM 3

A friend of mine once reached into her handbag and pulled out half a hamburger wrapped in a paper napkin! It had been there for several days and was practically petrified.

What’s the most unusual thing in your purse?

Here’s what’s in mine right now:

  • leather clutch wallet purchased 8 years ago in Japan that contains driver’s licence, health care cards, cash, credit cards, receipts, business cards, an expired State of Israel Border Control Stay Permit and a reloadable Japanese Pasmo card that can be used for anything from train and bus travel to shopping. (The last two items are non-essentials, but they don’t take up any space and they bring back memories that make me smile every time I see them!)
  • cell phone
  • keys
  • pens
  • small folder containing rewards cards
  • cheque book
  • notebook
  • address book
  • calendar/planner
  • small pack of tissue
  • an ultra compact reusable shopping bag
  • 2 small cosmetic bags containing lip balm, lipstick, nail clippers, emery board, tiny foldable scissors, bandaids, eyeglass cleaning cloth, allergy and headache medication, a small tube of hand lotion, toothbrush and toothpaste
  • ziploc snack bag of almonds

Until recently, I was a one purse person, carrying the same bag for months on end without ever switching. The purse we carry is part of our overall fashion statement, however, and since boring is not the message I want to give about myself, my collection of handbags has started to grow and I’ve figured out how to switch quickly and easily from one to another. The trick is to organize the contents of your purse into smaller bags that can be transferred from one bag to another with ease.

I’m presently using this one a lot. I love it’s carefree summer look and the fact that it’s big enough to carry extras like sunscreen, sunglasses, my camera and even a hat. From The Sak, I won it last summer and first posted about it here.


What do you carry in your purse?



2 thoughts on “What’s in your purse?

  1. Darren bought me a new bag for our anniversary this year–a leather Fossil tote. Roman is big enough to go without a diaper bag so I’m savoring this season when I can carry a regular purse with just my stuff, girly stuff like lipstick and sunglasses, instead of diapers and wipes :]

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