Feeling fabulous

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 11.07.24 PM 3

Can a woman have too many cute jackets? I don’t think so when fall is in the air and she can get them for $3.00 apiece at her local thrift store!

My latest acquisition is a variegated grey denim jacket from Denver Hayes, one of Canadian clothing retailer, Mark’s, popular in-house brands. The fabric is soft and the ruffle trim adds a feminine touch.

I wore it on Tuesday when I went to Edmonton for a follow-up appointment with my surgeon, the one who removed a cancerous tumour from my left parotid (salivary) gland during a delicate seven hour operation in May of 2014. (This was my second cancer, completely unrelated to NETS, the incurable cancer that I continue to live with.)


Here I am feeling fabulous after my appointment, not only because a woman feels good when she knows she looks good, but also because the appointment went so well. Not only is there no sign of recurrence, but even this long after surgery, healing is still taking place. I don’t have to see Dr. Williams again for a whole year!

On this occasion, I wore the jacket with a pair of black jeans, comfortable for the four hour round trip to the city, and a top that I’ve had for several years. I’m also wearing my comfy grey flats with their cushiony memory foam insoles, perfect for a walk through the mall after my appointment.




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