Welcome to Canada, Uniqlo!

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 11.07.24 PM 3One of the things that I loved about living in Japan was Uniqlo, that country’s popular casual apparel giant. When we spent a semester in China, I was delighted to discover that Uniqlo was there too and I was able to add several basic items to the rather minimalist wardrobe that I’d brought with me.

I’ve long been hoping that Uniqlo (pronounced you-nee-klo) would come to Canada and today my wish comes true with the opening of it’s first Canadian outlet in CF Toronto Eaton Centre! A second store will open in the Yorkdale Shopping Centre, also in Toronto, on October 20. The only problem for me is that Toronto is over 3000 km away, a bit too far for a shopping trip!

The world’s fourth-largest specialty apparel company behind Zara, H&M and Gap, Uniqlo is taking a slow, cautious approach to expansion in Canada. The company eventually wants to open stores in all major cities across the country, but it hasn’t yet set a timeline for future openings.

Though not yet well-known in Canada, Uniqlo has stores in 17 other countries and is recognized for its innovative yet functional apparel and simple, modern designs as well as its high-quality, reasonably priced, easy-to-wear basics for men, women, children and babies.


With winter approaching, Canadians might be particularly interested in the brand’s Ultra Light Down jackets and vests which fold into their own tiny carrying bags. Also of interest would be Uniqlo’s HeatTech line made of innovative fabric that absorbs body heat and stores it in air pockets deep within the fibres to keep the wearer warm. The brand also offers cashmere sweaters and extra fine merino garments suitable for our cold climate.


Here are a just few of my favourite items from Uniqlo’s American website. Uniqlo doesn’t yet have online shopping in Canada, but items can be ordered from the US.

Biker jackets are everywhere this fall. This faux suede offering is available in black, brown and tan:


The cotton 3/4 sleeve crew neck t-shirt is available in a wide variety of colours:


This 2way stole comes in single colours as well as combinations like this one:


And, of course, I love the comfy looking loungewear:


There are also sweaters, shirts, blouses, dresses, skirts, pants, jeans, leggings, activewear, intimates, socks, slippers and numerous accessories to choose from.

Yes, welcome to Canada, Uniqlo! I can hardly wait for you to come to the west!

*Please note: This is not a paid endorsement. All photos are from either uniqlo.com/ca or uniqlo.com/us.




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