Abundant Redemption… hope for hurting wives

Throughout the spring and summer of this year, I was involved in the process of editing a brand new online course for wives who are experiencing pain as the result of their husbands’ current or past sexual betrayal. Now I am delighted to announce that the course is up and running!

Given the secretive nature of sexual sin, exact figures are impossible to establish, but the numbers are overwhelming. If you are a wife who is hurting as the result of your husband’s sexual sin, you are not alone and I would urge you to consider signing up for this free 30-day biblically based course. You will be assigned a mentor who will walk alongside you and offer support as you complete the lessons.

All Abundant Redemption mentors are volunteers. Each one of these women has walked in your shoes and experienced your pain. Each has received mentorship training to prepare her to provide godly support and encouragement to her students. All correspondence between student and mentor is conducted through the program and via email and is completely confidential.

I would define sexual sin as any type of sexual expression outside the boundaries of a biblically defined marriage relationship. That could include adulterous affairs as well as other forms of infidelity including the use of pornography and masturbation for personal gratification. The emotional pain that wives experience when they discover that their husbands have been engaging in these kinds of behaviours is often beyond description, but there is help and there is hope.


For more information or to register for the course, go to abundantredemption.net. Why not start the healing process now?

If you aren’t in need of this kind of help yourself, but know of other hurting wives whose lives have been affected by their husbands’ sexual impurity, please consider letting them know that this resource is available to them.

Summer 2017 update: I’m sad to report that due to accusations made by another ministry, Abundant Redemption has temporarily been shut down. The program is being rewritten in a new format and will be available again as soon as possible.


3 thoughts on “Abundant Redemption… hope for hurting wives

  1. So glad this will be offered. Sexual sin and heartache is something Christians seem to shy away from so I’m happy to see women will have help and resources available to them.

    • Yes, I think the opportunity to share their pain and receive godly counsel from ladies who have been in similar circumstances will be invaluable. I pray that God will bless this ministry and those who participate in it.

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