Fitted or baggy? What’s your style?

logoIt’s kind of spooky how the spirits of the cyber world seem to know exactly what our interests are and how accurately they tailor the ads we see to those areas. Ever since I introduced Fashion Friday to my blog last March, the majority of ads that I see on Facebook and on the news pages that I read regularly have been related to fashion.

Lately, whenever I go to Facebook, this is what I see in the margin.


I seldom wear dresses, but apparently the internet thinks I should and feels that I should be shopping for some new ones! It doesn’t seem to know my style though, so it’s offering me two strikingly different options.

The dresses on the Fashion Mia site are mostly what I would call fitted. When I do wear a dress, it’s usually for a special occasion and I want to look both feminine and sophisticated. Here’s a closer look at one from that site that I could see myself wearing. It’s definitely my style.


The dresses on the Buykud site, however, are baggy and, in many cases, shapeless. Here are a few examples.

There’s nothing actually wrong with them. They’re certainly modest and they look comfy, but they’re not my style. In fact, I’d probably look and feel like a bag lady in any one of them and I suspect that my husband, who is rather fond of my shape, would be horrified! They’re simply not flattering; one of my essential fashion F words.

If I had been looking for a new dress this winter, I would definitely have considered this one that kept appearing on a Bay banner across the top of my favourite news site throughout the Christmas season.


The Ivanka Trump lace-detailed sheath dress, available here, caught my eye every time it appeared. It’s definitely my style.

In the words of fashion icon, Iris Apfel, “I think the biggest fashion faux pas these days is looking into the mirror and seeing somebody else. It doesn’t work. You’ve got to know who you are.” You need to know your style which may be entirely different from mine.

What’s your style? Do you prefer fitted or baggy?

12 thoughts on “Fitted or baggy? What’s your style?

  1. I’m in crisis, really… I’ve always liked fitted dresses but have gained a lot of weight recently. Those baggy looks are more what would work for me but they seem a bit extreme to me. Maybe clothes don’t have to be skin-tight – but should they still a curve or two?

    • Yes, I would suggest something with more shape than these ones as they are rather extreme, but not something that clings. A-line dresses might be a good fit for you. You might also want to look for styles that draw the eye upward… something that gives the illusion of wider shoulders to provide balance or something with a colourful bodice. Accessories like necklaces and scarves also place the emphasis in the right spot.

  2. When you post, your key words are picked up and ads are tailored to you. Try checking for flights and you will be inundated with airline ads. Big brother is watching, creepy.

    • I know! Travel ads are the other ones I see regularly. For the next little while it will probably be ads for bathroom fixtures, since that’s what we’ve been shopping for. We ordered everything we could through Mike, but we looked at the stuff online with him first. 🙂

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