What’s your best sleeve length?

logoSleeve length can enhance or detract from a woman’s appearance by drawing the observer’s eye toward or away from specific parts of her body. Though we’re probably not conscious of it, our eye is automatically attracted to the part of the body where the sleeve ends thus emphasizing that spot.

Let’s take a look:

img_1955Even if they aren’t perfectly toned, your arms will usually look longer and leaner in a sleeveless garment as it has the advantage of the unbroken line. In my younger years, I was self-conscious about showing off my arms feeling that they were too skinny. It wasn’t until I was almost 40 and started to work out with weights that I felt comfortable going sleeveless. Now it’s my favourite look for summer. I especially like the freedom of movement that it allows when I’m golfing and it also ensures that I don’t end up with a “farmer’s tan”.


img_1799-version-3If you are truly uncomfortable going sleeveless or you work in a corporate environment where it isn’t considered appropriate, you might prefer a cap sleeve. Depending on your body shape, you might also appreciate cap sleeves for their shoulder-widening and therefore hip-balancing effect.


Short sleeves tend to fall parallel to the bust. This is great if you want to emphasize that part of your body, but not so great if you’d rather not.


3/4 sleeves, considered by many to be the most flattering length, are my all time favourites for several reasons. I have long arms, so finding long sleeves that fit properly can be difficult. 3/4 sleeves eliminate that challenge. They’re also cooler than long sleeves when the weather is warm, but they usually provide adequate coverage when it’s cooler. Unlike longer sleeves, they don’t get in the way and, as a cancer patient who often has to deal with blood tests and IVs, they make it easy for me to expose the crook of my arm. They do tend to end close to the waist, however, so if that’s a part of your body that you’d rather the eye was drawn away from, they might not work for you.

Long sleeves draw the eye down providing a good option for anyone who would like to distract attention from their midsection, but they do place more focus on the hips. On me, long sleeves often end up as 3/4 length!

Do you have a favourite sleeve length?