The day the tires went flat

On our way to the Yukon, we made a quick stop at the information centre at Dawson Creek, BC to take the obligatory tourist photo.


I was about to step back into the vehicle when I heard a distinct PFFFT! Something was definitely wrong! A tire on the trailer had blown. This was no simple puncture. The tire was shredded! Thankfully we were sitting still when it happened and we were in a community large enough to have three tire shops! Within an hour, we’d found a replacement and we were on our way again. That wasn’t the case a couple of weeks later!

Shortly after leaving the remote community of Stewart, BC, while slowly following a pilot vehicle through a long construction zone, we began to hear a rhythmic FWUP, FWUP, FWUP! Pulling over as soon as we were able to, we discovered that another trailer tire had blown! Thankful that we weren’t travelling at highway speed when it happened and that we’d replaced the spare in Dawson Creek, Richard changed the tire and we moved on again, this time without a spare. There was nowhere within a couple of hundred kilometres to get another tire!

At the same time, we knew that we were also travelling with a slow leak in one of the vehicle tires. Richard had added air in Stewart that morning and we carry a mini air compressor for emergency purposes, so we were hoping that it would get us to a larger centre where we could get it fixed. No such luck! Less than an hour after losing the trailer tire, the dashboard sensor told us that the right rear tire was rapidly losing air. Stopping to check, we immediately heard that familiar PFFFT sound again! My poor hubby had another tire to change!


Now we were 116 km from the nearest community with no spare tire for the trailer AND no spare for the vehicle! Yikes! On we went with a prayer that nothing else would go wrong. Pulling into Hazelton, BC our first stop after the visitor information centre was the only tire shop in the area. At the very least, we’d be able to get the vehicle tire fixed there. Amazingly, not only were they able to serve us immediately, but they also had a trailer tire that was almost a perfect match for the one we’d bought back in Dawson Creek!

Now we’re just hoping that we get home without any more tire woes! Though we’ve already put on the majority of the miles that we plan to travel, we’re less than three weeks into our six week odyssey.


8 thoughts on “The day the tires went flat

  1. Afraid you reminded me that my folks had a sticker on the back of their van that said something like “I drove the Alcan Highway – and lived!” It can be rough going but I’m sure you’ll make it – and oh the memories! All the best! šŸ˜ƒ

    • Believe it or not, another trailer tire just blew! That’s the 3rd one! Thankfully, we’re just outside a fairly major centre this time, so we’ll be replacing the 4th one as well. The Alaska Highway is fully paved now, so we can’t blame it for our tire woes. There appeared to be plenty of tread on the tires, but they’re probably ten years old, so we’re guessing that the rubber just started to deteriorate.

  2. When we had our brand new car in Nairobi, Steve refused to get a second spare tire. Everyone I knew had 2 spares when going on safari. “They are new tires”. Well, 4 flats in one day convinced him we needed 2 spares! I know the feeling when the spares have been used. Not fun at all.

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