Fashion trends for fall 2107

LogoAs one who loves summer, I’m hoping that I don’t have to make my seasonal wardrobe switch to fall and winter wear for awhile yet, but it’s time to start thinking about it. Although I’ve been retired from teaching school for ten years, my many years in the classroom still have an impact. When the end of August and the beginning of a new school year approach, my mind automatically goes to fall. Of course, the stores have already been gearing up for the new season for some time.

So, what are the trends that we should be watching for this fall? Let’s take a quick peek.

Sofa Print Florals

Floral patterns never seem to go out of style, but this season I’m seeing a lot of the large floral prints that the fashion industry often refers to as “sofa print” or “couch” florals. Deep, rich colours and dark backgrounds seem to be particularly popular this year.


Pink was the popular colour for summer this year, but its big sister, red, is taking over for fall and winter. Everything from shoes and boots to overcoats are being seen in red, but if you’re not sure that it’s the colour for you, try it in small doses first. Consider adding a pop of colour with red accessories.

If you plan to wear larger expanses of red, especially near your face, it’s important to choose a shade that compliments your complexion. If your skin has warm undertones, you’ll look best in an orange-based red, while those of us who have cooler, fair complexions will look better in reds with blue undertones.


One of the most popular looks on the runways for this season was grey plaid suiting, but brighter plaids (remember the 70s) are also popular. This plaid shirt from Cabi is on my wish list.

cabi shirt 2


Velvet is back in many different hues and not just for formal wear. Skirts, pants, blazers, even hoodies, shoes, and booties are being seen in velvet this year!

Shoulder pads

Shoulder pads are one returning trend that I’m not sure I’m ready for! I can handle something small to give a garment structure, but no football player shoulders for me, please!

Midi skirts

Below the knee, but above the ankle, mid-calf length skirts seem to be the most popular for the upcoming season. Silhouettes vary from pencil skirts to those with more volume, but this can be a tricky length to get just right. When it comes to midi, there’s a thin line between flattering and frumpy. A skirt that hits the widest part of your calf will visually shorten your legs, so instead, you want the hemline to hit the narrower spot just below your calf muscles.

Do any of these trends appeal to you? Which ones will you consider adding to your wardrobe this fall?


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