I’d like your help

LogoEarlier this month, I had the opportunity to shop my sister-in-law’s closet again. Though I’m a little taller, Sue and I are very similar in size and can usually wear one another’s clothes without alteration. Before we arrived for our annual February visit, she had done another major closet clean out and had several large bags of clothing waiting for me to go through.

Today I want your opinion on 4 tops that now hang in my closet. Please be honest about whether or not you think I should keep them and tell me why.



I actually like everything about this one from Cleo, one of my favourite Canadian fashion retailers. It fits perfectly and the soft polyester knit with a hint of spandex is oh so comfortable. Teal is one of the colours that suits every skin tone and the pattern doesn’t overwhelm me. The shirttail hem with ties at the sides takes it one notch up from a simple t-shirt.



Sue tends to wear dramatic colours and patterns while I favour neutrals. This one, also from Cleo, combines the two. Though fuchsia is also a colour that most women can wear, I like having the beige and grey tones closer to my face. I love three quarter length sleeves and this top is long enough that I can wear it over leggings. Though I love the look of the wide trim on the sleeves and the bottom edge, it does tend to catch on things.



I love the length and the fit of this button down tunic from Northern Reflections, another Canadian retailer. The lightweight polyester drapes beautifully, but I wonder if the pattern is a bit too intense for me. Perhaps it looks better under my denim waterfront shirt from cabi. What do you think?




This silky blouson style top, also from Cleo, is actually a petite. It’s shorter than I usually wear, but other than that it fits well and the sleeves are long enough. It’s very lightweight and would make a good transition piece for spring (if it ever gets here!), but again, I wonder if it looks better under a sweater like my shirttail cardigan from cabi.


Now that I’ve shopped Sue’s closet, please help me curate mine. Let me know your thoughts about these 4 tops in the comment section below.



17 thoughts on “I’d like your help

  1. My first thought on # 2, was NOOOOOO!!, but the more i look at it, the more it really accentuates your positive traits. Awesome color on you. I like # 1,but # 3 and # 4 are a no for me, they are too busy….

  2. I’m not known as a fashionista but to me #4 is definitely out – it is too short and thus makes you look wide. I like the colour of #2 and I think it enhances your colouring but I would not be comfortable wearing the fucshia. Are you? I love the drape of #3 and to me, the prints in #1 & 3 are similar. I love #3 with the blue jean jacket.

    • Thank you for your comments, Anne! I agree that the length of #4 isn’t flattering. Though fuchsia isn’t a colour that I’m overly comfortable with, I think the fact that it isn’t close to my face in #2 brings it into my comfort zone. 🙂

  3. I really like one and three. I like the fit and length of three…the color is also good. Like the color of one and the cut…the tie adds to it, too!!! Pretty lucky to have a sister in law getting rid of those things!!!😊❤️

  4. I like #1 look and shape. It is hard to decide about #2 looking at a photo. # 3 and 4 with their long sleeves are too busy. My favourite is definitely #1.

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