Should I keep it?

LogoTwo of my favourite fashion bloggers, Pamela Lutrell who writes Over50Feeling40 and Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life, write a weekly Would You Wear It feature in which they each post photos of a mannequin they’ve found and ask if their readers would wear what its wearing. Today I’m going to do something similar only instead of a mannequin, you’re seeing me and I’m asking Should I Keep It?

One of my fashion goals this season is to cull my summer closet removing older, worn, or unused items that are simply taking up space. This dress, purchased at one of our local thrift stores a few years ago, didn’t come out of my closet last summer and I’m debating whether to keep it or let it go.


I don’t wear dresses very often but this one seems casual, bold, and a bit quirky, all things that I’d like my summer wardrobe to say. The bodice is a bit snug, but it’s just  loose enough around the midriff to hide the bulges that lurk there and I love the double slits front and back that make it cool, comfortable, and easy to walk in. Many women in my age range don’t like to bare their arms, but I love to go sleeveless in the summer.


I’m wearing it with a favourite bracelet, a piece of wearable art that picks up the colours in the dress, and a pair of dark brown American Eagle gladiator sandals that were also second-hand.

So, what do you think? Should I keep the dress or pass it on? Please give reasons for your answer.


12 thoughts on “Should I keep it?

  1. I say keep it. It’s current and looks good on you. Obviously we don’t know each other but this dress seems like you to me. Love that you’re not afraid to bare your arms! They look great 👍🏻

    • Thanks, Val! I hated going sleeveless when I was young because I was self conscious about my skinny arms, but I started working out regularly when I was about 40 and since then I’ve been completely comfortable baring them.

  2. It’s a cute dress, but as soon as I read that it was a bit tight in the bodice, I noticed it has a little pulling in the fabric that makes wrinkles on the straps and neckline. I love the way it looks from the waist down, and you are rocking the bare arms, so that’s not an issue. For me a tight bodice is usually a quick no because I hate to feel trapped or unable to breathe deeply, that may not bother you in the same way though.
    When I have an item I’m not too sure about in my closet I always think, “Would I buy this if I were trying it on in a store today?” If I’m still not sure, I compare it with something I really love to wear which sometimes makes it clear why it’s been staying in the closet.

  3. Interesting print. As you have not worn the dress last summer and your purpose is to clear your closet , I say pass it forward to be enjoyed by another customer. Have a great summer.

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