Combining colours

LogoWhen I was young you didn’t wear blue with green or brown with black and you most certainly didn’t pair red with pink. Thankfully, times have changed and most of the old fashion rules have been thrown out the window!

I never did understand the problem with blue and green. After all, we see that combination in nature all the time. The sky is blue and the trees are green and we don’t find that aesthetically unpleasing. When it comes to fashion, I’m particularly fond of navy and emerald green together. Here are a couple of combinations that I found on Pinterest.

Brown used to be a staple in my wardrobe and life definitely got easier when combining it with black became acceptable, but what about red with pink? Apparently that’s a trend that’s continuing into fall, but I’m having trouble getting my head around it. The outfits shown on the runways are always a bit outlandish, but even if the clothing was more my style, I’m not sure I could see myself in this colour combination.

What about you? Do you wear pink and red? Would you? What are your favourite colour combinations?