New hats

LogoShortly after I started following Pamela Lutrell’s blog Over50Feeling40 back in 2012, I read this post in which she writes about overcoming her fear of wearing hats. In it, she tells of a time that “hat-fear” left her sitting in her car for 20 minutes before entering an event! A hat is a great accessory, but it’s also an attention getter.

In spite of the fact that I’m inherently shy, I’ve always loved wearing hats. You can see a few from my collection here. Of course, I was absolutely delighted to find a new one waiting for me under the Christmas tree.

Handcrafted by Dorfman Pacific, my new hat hat is crushable and packable which is definitely a bonus for someone like me.

There was actually a second hat amongst my gifts on Christmas morning. My crafty daughter knit this cozy toque and matching mittens for me. The mittens are fleece lined and oh so warm! Depending on where you live, you may know the toque as a knit cap. Here in Canada, where it’s an essential part of any winter wardrobe, most of us agree that it’s a toque, but there’s no consensus on how it should be spelled! To some it’s a touque, to others a tuque, but to me it’s always been a toque!


This cartoon is a bit off topic, but when I saw it right after Christmas the hat caught my eye and then I thought the message was worth sharing.

wearing a hat

6 thoughts on “New hats

  1. I Love Hats, even though I don’t wear them I think they are wonderful and full of personality.
    Funny story, When my son, in his 40s now, was in elementary school he suffered with chronic ear problems. One day while sending him off to school I wanted to send a note to his teacher to make sure he wore his “toke” , I crossed it out and tried again, tooke, also crossed out, tuke, crossed out, touk, crossed out because it still didn’t look right. Sadly this was before google so out of pure frustration I re wrote the note and said HAT.
    I may had even tried the correct spelling but by then everything look wrong.


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