Colour trends for Spring 2019

LogoRegardless of whether or not the groundhog sees his shadow on February 2nd, when the calendar turns to February, I begin to think about spring. There’s probably plenty of winter left where I live, but as I revelled in the vibrant colours of Coatepec, Mexico over the past couple of weeks, my mind went to the colours that are going to be popular in spring and summer fashions this year.

If you bought into the yellow trend in 2018, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s still very much on the fashion agenda for this year. It showed up on the runways in many shades from the palest pastel to bright lemony and deep yellows.

Pastels in other hues including soft pinks, lilac, light green, and pale blue were also seen.

Intense, saturated colours including bright orange, coral, magenta, bright reds, mango,  neon green, and royal blue dominated the runways though. If yellow isn’t your colour, you may want to add some of these to your spring and summer wardrobe.

While one of my fashion goals for 2019 is to steer away from the greys that have dominated my wardrobe in recent times and bring in some more colour, I’m in love with this season’s neutrals. Amongst them are buttery off-whites, creamy tans, and beiges.

Brown continues to make a comeback in beautiful toffee hues as well as darker shades.

Two of my favourites neutrals of the season are moss green and a very dark navy that’s being called Eclipse.

As always, before you go out and buy a new wardrobe filled with this season’s colours, shop your own closet. What do you already have that will carry over from previous years? Also, be careful to choose the shades that look best with your natural colouring.


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