DIY frayed hem jeans

LogoYou may have noticed that frayed, raw hems (really no hem at all) are very much on trend this summer, especially on jeans. They aren’t limited to any particular denim fit but are seen on just about every style from skinny to straight leg to flares.

Some say that if you wore something the first time it was in style, you shouldn’t wear it again the next time it comes around. I guess that’s a gentle way of saying that you’re too old for whatever it is, but I’m not into the dos and don’ts or the shoulds and shouldn’ts of fashion. I say, if you like it, wear it! If it makes you feel fabulous, go for it! I’m not sure if frayed hems are going to make me feel fabulous or not, but I’ve decided to give them a try even though I wore them way back in the 60s and 70s! 

Rather than rushing out to buy a pair of the latest style, I looked at the jeans I already owned with an eye to eliminating the finished hem on one of them, but none seemed to be just right for the project. Then I was browsing in our local thrift store when a pair of white jeans caught my eye. White jeans have also been on my wish list for awhile, so I took a closer look. These were my size! They looked brand new, but I knew that they’d been hiding in someone’s closet for quite awhile because they were Jockey. Much to my dismay, Jockey Person to Person went out of business in March 2015.

I thought I’d found a real treasure until I tried the pants on. They fit perfectly except for the length. They were too short; not short enough to be crops, just awkwardly short. The store was having a “brown bag” sale though; everything you could fit in a grocery bag (except jewelry) for just $5. I was already well on the way to filling a bag, so in went the white jeans. That night I took the hem down and voila! I had both my white jeans and my frayed hems! They’re nothing like the drag on the ground frayed jeans that I wore in my teens and early 20s!



The top in the photos is also thrifted.



Do you wear frayed, raw hems? Would you?


5 thoughts on “DIY frayed hem jeans

    • Thank you! I was surprised at how many women I saw wearing white pants at camp. I left mine at home as I’m sure they wouldn’t be white anymore if I’d worn them there!

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