Fashion or function?

I love a stylish pair of sneakers. You’ve seen some of my favourites here before.


I also love the fact that sneakers are no longer only for wearing to the gym or for running. In fact, a pair like these from Circus by Sam Edelman wouldn’t even be suitable for those pursuits. I have, however, worn them with a dress.


Then there’s this pair that I bought specifically for walking in Europe last spring.


Here I’m wearing them overlooking a beautiful stretch of sandy beach in Belgium.


My husband gave me these metallic blue ones for Christmas just over a year ago. They look especially good with jeans.

But sometimes what a shoe looks like isn’t the most important factor. One of my goals for the new year was to get back into the habit of walking on the treadmill at least three times a week (on the days that I don’t lift weights) and for that I needed a new pair of comfortable, supportive shoes. At the sporting goods store I was confronted with an entire wall of running shoes and trainers and I had no idea where to begin! Of course, my eye was drawn to the cutest and most colourful ones, but I had to remind myself that that wasn’t why I was there. Thankfully, a very knowledgeable sales clerk steered me in the right direction. If I was only going to use the shoes on the treadmill and not for other gym activities, she recommended running shoes as opposed to trainers. That narrowed the search to half the wall! Looking at my feet, she immediately realized that they’re narrow and suggested two brands that I should consider. These are the ones that I settled on.

I’ve only put about 8.5 kilometres (5.3 miles) on them so far, but I think they were a good choice. They’re lightweight but sturdy, and gel technology in the heel and the forefoot provides plenty of cushioning. The fact that I also like what they look like is simply a bonus! I’ve added them to my list of clothing purchases for 2020, but I really think of them as an investment in my health as opposed to a fashion item. Sometimes function takes precedence over fashion!


5 thoughts on “Fashion or function?

  1. After seeing the Naturalizer Cairo 3 in navy blue with the bit of sparkle, I added them to my Amazon wish list. Do they fit true to size? I’m not much of a trainer person but could change my mind after seeing your pretty shoes. My husband has almost no padding on the bottom of his feet and wears Skechers GoWalk 3’s.

  2. I have these only with pink on the sides, I have a narrow heel and find them a good fit. They are standing up to our 5k walks on a gravel road for the last year. I will buy them again. I used to get New Balance but they would slide up and down on my heel which caused the inside to wear out

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