Fast fashion, ethical shopping, and Covid-19

LogoJustine Leconte is a French fashion and jewelry designer who lives and works in Berlin. On her YouTube channel, Justine Leconte officiel, she shares her creative process as well as fashion tips about how to create and enjoy your own wardrobe. Her weekly videos often include information on how to shop for good quality, dress for your body shape, create a capsule wardrobe, or choose colours that work for you.

Sometimes, however, Justine Leconte deals with more serious fashion related topics. She is strongly opposed to fast fashion. When she designs a piece of clothing or jewelry, it is produced in Europe using materials that are sourced within Europe. She oversees the process and checks production samples herself. She refuses to work with factories that don’t pay their workers a fair wage. Clearly, she practices what she preaches!

Unfortunately, fast fashion brands have been taking advantage of the present Covid-19 pandemic in ways that are seriously disturbing. In one of her most recent videos, Justine addresses this topic and tells us how we, as consumers, can make a difference. If you are even the least bit concerned with being an ethical fashion shopper, I urge you to take thirteen minutes to watch this video!

5 thoughts on “Fast fashion, ethical shopping, and Covid-19

  1. I watched the entire video and agree with all of her information. My question…do you find at your church that there are those who would disagree with this view? I’m sorry to say I think I would find/create dissension if I posted this.
    Thank you for your input…

    • Interesting question, Charlene! I could be wrong, but I don’t think anyone in our church would take offence at this. At the same time, I don’t know if it would change their shopping habits or not. I understand your concern though. There are definitely topics about which I do not see eye to eye with many in our church, particularly when it comes to anything political.

      • Exactly. I am the pastor’s mother…who holds rather liberal views from her long-hair days in late 60’s to early 70’s. 😉. They know I love the Lord. I would hope that would be sufficient.

        • I’m sure that being the pastor’s mother puts you in an awkward position at times! I’m afraid that I find the political views and attitudes of many Christians these days quite disturbing. Interestingly, even though he lived under Roman occupation, Jesus had little to say about the politics of His day, but I think He would be deeply concerned about the kind of exploitation of others that’s talked about in the video.

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