What was in the bag?


In last week’s post, I promised to share my purchases with you at a later date. There were actually three items in my bag, all from Uniqlo. One of them, an active wear bra with crossover straps that I purchased specifically for kayaking, won’t be appearing on the blog. Today’s post will feature one of the other two pieces, a basic denim shirt. 

IMG_2260 2

I had a similar Levi’s shirt several years ago that I wore until it was practically a rag. I’m really not sure why it took me so long to replace it as it was such a workhorse in my wardrobe. The 100% cotton denim in this one is so soft that it already feels like an old friend. 


This particular shirt was on a sales rack and doesn’t appear on the Uniqlo website any longer, but similar shirts are available this spring in a variety of places including Gap, Eddie Bauer, and Old Navy

I’m wearing a medium in a slim fit. I might have been able to wear a small, but for a comfy, casual shirt like this one, I like a slightly oversized ‘boyfriend’ feel. In the first two photos, I’m wearing it with a pair of earrings that I bought at our local thrift shop for 25 cents! 

Although the shirt works just fine on it’s own, I especially love to wear it as a third piece. While it would look great over a plain t-shirt, I’ve elevated the look just a bit here by wearing it over a sleeveless cabi blouse from several seasons ago. 


I can see this quickly becoming a go to piece in my wardrobe, one that I’ll be able to wear year round. It fits especially well into the comfy, casual wear-around-home life that we’re restricted to these days.


Hubby and I had our first Covid vaccines this week, but with case numbers rising drastically in our province, I don’t see that coming to an end anytime soon. 




5 thoughts on “What was in the bag?

  1. I enjoy a few Uniqlo items, too. I had bought a “Uniqlo U” crewneck tee in white and in black that I love. I happened to check online to find them reduced to $9.90 and bought two more. I love their strong crewneck ribbing that stays neat, fitted, and flat. Perfect under v-neck sweaters.
    I also purchased their collarless, quilted down vest in navy. The collarless look is quite interesting and seems to be dressier than the typical sporty, hi-collar ones. I learned of this vest from Sue Burpee in High Heels in the Wilderness.
    Enjoy your denim shirt! I have a dark wash and a lighter one. Yes, workhorses in my wardrobe, too.

    • I love Sue’s blog!

      I really like the quality of Uniqlo’s Supima cotton t-shirts. I have the ultra light down vest in navy and I wear it so much that I’m thinking about getting another one in a different colour. Mine is the style with a collar which I like because my neck tends to get cold easily, but the ones without a collar are dressy looking.

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