Transitioning to fall

LogoHow do you dress for this golden shoulder season known as autumn? I saw a headline this week that read, “It’s wear a sweater in the morning and regret it in the afternoon weather!” That pretty much sums up fall in my part of the world. When we get up in the morning, the temperature is generally hovering just above 0°C (32°F) and there might be frost on the ground, but by afternoon it has warmed up to anywhere between 18° and 25°C (64° and 77°F).

While running errands early one afternoon this week, I decided to take note of what other people were wearing. A man, sitting in front of the post office reading his mail, was wearing shorts, sandals, and a heavy fleece vest over his t-shirt! That kind of incongruous outfit isn’t as unusual as you might think. I also saw one woman wearing a quilted coat and a toque while another was working in her yard in shorts and a t-shirt!

In spite of this confusion, I decided that it was time to begin my seasonal wardrobe switch this week. Since I found myself reaching for the warmer items in my closet every morning and the true hot weather pieces were no longer seeing the light of day, I knew it was time to put most of those away and bring out my fall/winter pieces.

If you live where the weather is more uniform year round, you probably don’t have to go through this twice a year ritual, and I guess if I had a bigger closet I might not have to either. As it is, however, it’s much easier to have only one season’s clothes to choose from every morning and these seasonal switchovers are an excellent time to evaluate and decide what to keep and what to get rid of.

So, how do I go about doing that? Unlike some who advise getting rid of anything that hasn’t been worn during the current season or in the past year, I sometimes hang onto items that are excellent quality or that I love even if I haven’t worn them for quite awhile. Over the years, I’ve occasionally enjoyed resurrecting some of those items and have even shared a few of them here on the blog. This time, however, I knew that there were things in my summer closet that simply had to go. This required discipline because some were pieces that I really liked, but they were too worn out to keep or to pass on to anyone else. Others that don’t fit well or that I no longer enjoy wearing are destined for the second-hand store.

As I put the new season’s clothes into the closet, I turn all the hangers around. Then, when I wear an item, I turn it’s hanger back the right way. At the end of the season, if an item is still hanging backwards, it’s a clear signal that I need to consider whether or not to keep it.

There are, of course, some items that stay in my closet year round including sleeveless tops that can be worn alone in summer or under sweaters and jackets when the weather is cooler. This time, I also left a couple of pairs of favourite capri pants for those 25° afternoons. They won’t stay there all winter, but for now, we’re still transitioning!

3 thoughts on “Transitioning to fall

  1. I know (lol!) some people find them “unfinished” or a “lazy” way of dressing…*buuuttt*, as I’ve said (here) before, in Fall (as well as Spring): LEGGINGS ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND! I’m in the northeastern U.S.; where, the mornings are now down to the upper 40s and the rest of the day gets to about 75.
    I’ll pair either a long sleeve knit henley or a tee over a longline black tank with black or olive ankle-length stretch pants…aaannndd: wear a moto or utility jacket (like the kind you mentioned last week!) to take the chill off. There REALLY are soooo many different options to choose from thesedays with leggings: they DON’T ALL LOOK like you’re competing in a triathlon(!) and, it doesn’t matter if you’re 20 or 70 (heck!: I’m a sz10-12 and on the brink of turning 36 the end of October, I’m not embarrassed to admit I’ve gone grocery shopping even in the Climate Right variety Cuddl Duds stretch pants — with, of course, a pullover hoodie or parka-style jacket on and my favorite grey and pink Nikees to try not to look *too* much like I just rolled out of bed ahhaa!). I (usually) find that the earliest I’ll start pulling out all my Winter outfits is near the time of when I’m deciding what to wear to our family Thanksgiving dinner party.

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