Capri pants… flattering or frumpy?

Logo by SamOne of the bloggers that I follow recently wrote a post listing several items that she thinks women over 50 should eliminate from their wardrobes. She used words like frumpy, dowdy, and matronly to describe how she thinks these items make us look. First on her list was capri pants! Several readers agreed with her, but I most definitely do not! Capris are easily my favourite summer pants.

To be fair, I should mention that the blogger in question did specify that “capri pants that end at the widest part of your calf, are unflattering and can look dowdy.” Capris come in a variety of lengths and widths and a few inches can make a big difference to how flattering they look. A tapered pair that ends either just above or just below the widest part of your calf will look much more flattering than a wider, baggy pair or one that ends at the widest point.


Capris are still very much in style for 2022 and those of us who wear them find them to be very versatile. They can be worn with heels or flats and dressed up or down depending on what you wear them with. The downside to capri pants is that they can make your legs appear shorter which is particularly challenging for women whose legs are already proportionately short. One easy way to overcome this is to tuck your top into your pants. Personally though, since I’ve been blessed with long legs, I prefer to wear a longer top that skims over and hides my muffin top!


Everything that I’m wearing in both these photos is old and has appeared on the blog before. The nice thing about living where we have distinct seasonal changes is that we have something “new” to wear twice a year! I always look forward to bringing my capris out of storage in the spring.

Do you wear capri pants? Do you consider them flattering or a fashion faux pas?


8 thoughts on “Capri pants… flattering or frumpy?

  1. I do believe capris that hit the widest part of the calf are frumpy and do nothing for anybody. I also realize that those who love them can’t or won’t see that. So they should continue to wear them.

  2. I used to love capris, but they slowely disappeared from my wardrobe, but not consciencely. Strange.
    I am ambiguous on this subject. I do think we have seen so much of them that they tend to date and there are so many options. I agree they do make your legs look shorter, but longer trousers that end above your ankle do too. Like you, I have long legs, so it isn’t much of an issue.
    You look very slim by the way.
    I say wear them if you like them. Nobody should dictate anymore what we can or cannot do.

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