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My Dad and I long attributed our love of travel to our Gypsy blood. Twelve generations before me, my first ancestor to cross the Atlantic and settle in North America was Augustine Bearse, a Romany Gypsy. Throughout Europe these nomadic people were persecuted and accused of crimes wherever they wandered. Born in France in 1618, Augustine moved to England and at the age of 20 was deported to America with others of his kind because he was a Gypsy. One of 88 passengers on the Confidence of London, Augustine sailed from Southampton, England landing at Plymouth, Massachusetts on April 24, 1638. He settled, married and raised a family at Barnstable, Massachusetts where he became known throughout the community as a man of good character. As I started this blog when I was about to cross the Pacific Ocean and settle for a time on the far side of the sea, it only seemed right to give credit to Augustine and the Gypsy blood I inherited from him.



17 thoughts on “About the title

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  6. Just finished 4 treatments of the prrt radiation for a trial. I find out in August how things are going with my tumours in the liver. They originated in my pancreas 10 years ago. Love your blog. Shelley Orr.

  7. How interesting!! Makes me wonder if I have gypsy in my heritage. I’m half Romanian so maybe? I just followed your blog, brought here by a comment you made on another blog that I follow. Nice to meet you and I look forward to reading more!

  8. Love the story behind your blog name! Great way to honor your ancestor. Genealogy is fascinating. One of my cousins managed to trace our roots back to the 1400’s in the Middle East. From there, they went to France, then England, then the United States. Don’t know how they managed to get from New Jersey to the hills of Kentucky, tho.ha!

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