How much is too much?

LogoIf you know me or you’ve been reading my blog for very long, you already know that I’m not a Trump supporter, but what does that have to do with fashion?

Earlier this week, while traveling with her husband, Melania Trump stepped into the Sicilian sunshine wearing a colourful appliquéd jacket by Italian fashion house, Dolce & Gabbana, that sells for $51,000 USD.

Excuse me?

$51 000! 

And that probably doesn’t even include the matching clutch!

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 7.09.53 PM

For those of us north of the border, that’s almost $70 000 CAD!

Contemplate for a moment the fact that electing Donald Trump was considered a triumph for the common man. He fashioned himself as a proud champion of the ordinary American who was fed up with big money running the country. Then consider that his wife’s jacket sells for just $5516 less than the median household income for the United States in 2015 (the most recent year for which data is presently available) which was $56 516. I don’t know of any common man, or woman, with a clothing budget like that one!

I can’t help wondering what the common American would do with that $51 000. Pay off their mortgage? Send their kid to college? Pay for health insurance? $51 000 would buy a lot of groceries!

One of the things to consider when trying to decide if the price of a garment is too high is cost per wear. It makes sense to put more money into an investment piece that will be worn many times season after season than an item that will only be worn a few times. If Mrs. Trump wore her jacket once a week for the next five years, it would still cost almost $200 a wear!

Unbelievable, and in my opinion, inexcusable!


No longer a joke

At first, Donald Trump for president seemed like a joke, but it really isn’t funny anymore!

This isn’t a political blog. In fact, I’ve written over 700 posts and this is the first one to tackle anything truly political, but I simply cannot keep quiet over this one! How is it possible that a xenophobic, chauvinistic and bigoted reality TV star with a track record of multiple business and personal failures has become a serious contender for the presidency of one of the most powerful countries in the world? It would be laughable if it wasn’t so downright scary.

I’ve been told by a family member that comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler is “extremely over the top”, but I’m far from alone in making such a comparison. When Holocaust survivors including 86-year-old Eva Schloss, step-sister of Anne Frank and survivor of Auschwitz, are saying the same thing, maybe someone should sit up and pay attention.

“If Donald Trump became the next president of the US it would be a complete disaster,” Ms Schloss told Newsweek magazine during an interview marking Holocaust Memorial Day on January 27.

Perhaps Yad Veshem, Jerusalem’s Holocaust memorial museum, is still too fresh in my mind, but when I hear the voice of Donald Trump declaring that he will rid America of Muslims, it seems to echo the anti-Jewish sentiments expressed by Hitler and other Nazi leaders long before they achieved the position of power that enabled them to carry out the slaughter of millions of innocent people. With Trump in the White House, is it really inconceivable that something that evil might happen again? Sadly, I don’t think so.

Then there are his absolutely ludicrous claims. Making campaign promises that are easier said than carried out is par for the course at election time, but Trump’s are definitely over the top. For example, he’s going to push China into making North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, disappear!

“I would get China to make that guy disappear in one form or another very quickly,” said Trump in an interview on CBS’s This Morning show on February 10. Really? And just how, exactly, is he going to do that? Has he forgotten, perhaps, that China is the largest foreign holder of US debt? We’re talking 1.2 trillion dollars here, so if push comes to shove, who is going to have the upper hand? If Donald Trump thinks he’s going to force China do anything, he’d better think again!

As a Christian, I find Trump’s public conduct appalling. His vulgar and often demeaning comments are absolutely deplorable, not to mention his flip flopping on issues such as abortion. The fact that he, who once graced the cover of Playboy magazine and who participates in what he has flippantly referred to as “my little wine” and “my little cracker”, but who also states that he does not ask God for forgiveness for his sins, has a growing number of evangelicals amongst his supporters absolutely baffles me.

I’ve heard it said that people are supporting Trump because they don’t have a better option. What an incredibly sad statement. If, amongst the approximately 319 million Americans, they have not been able to come up with any better candidates than this one, that country truly is in a sorry state! Sadly, so is the rest of the world which is why I give a damn. I am not an American. I will not be voting in this election, but if I was, and Trump was truly the best option available, I’d be packing my bags and going somewhere else!


I invite respectful dialogue in the comments section as I would very much like to know what you think.