Today we went hiking with Superman, Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Bible Man!  Unlike our other Asian trips, this one isn’t only about seeing new places and experiencing new cultures.  We’re also here in Hong Kong to visit friends.  Unfortunately, Charles is away on business.  As luck would  have it, he left for Japan the day we arrived and won’t be back until later the day that we leave!  We are, however, enjoying our time with Tess and the children.

We spent the past two days, while the children were in school, on our own exploring Hong Kong and Kowloon.  More about that later.  Now that the weekend is here, we’re enjoying more time with the kids.  All four of them, seven year old Sebastian and five year old triplets, Jasper, Sela and Carys, love wearing costumes so off we went today with all of them in full disguise!  Such fun and also a wonderful way to keep track of four active children in busy public places.

Late this morning, we boarded a small ferry for Lamma Island, one of Hong Kong’s outer islands.  Arriving at the small community of Yung Shue Wan, we traipsed through it’s narrow streets and began our hike across the island.  Along the way, we enjoyed beautiful ocean views and stopped at the highest point for a rest and surprises from Mommy’s bag.  Reaching another tiny community, Sok Kwu Wan, we enjoyed a fantastic Chinese meal in an outdoor restaurant.  It was pleasantly warm and we had to remind ourselves that it’s still Feb.  The restaurant where we ate provides free passage back to the city on an even smaller ferry.  We sat on the upper deck and enjoyed watching the city come into view as we bounced our way over the waves. 

Now the children have had their baths and are listening to a story.  Everyone is in pyjamas and the girls are wearing angel wings!

2 thoughts on “Superheroes

  1. Sounds like fun!!!! Triplets!!!! and a seven year old…can’t get much better than that for tour guides!!!


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