Inspired again

LogoTwo weeks ago, I showed you an easy jean outfit that was inspired by Brenda Kinsel, one of my favourite fashion bloggers. This week, Susan Street featured an outfit on her blog,, that immediately caught my attention because I knew that  I had similar pieces in my closet that I’d never worn together.

DSC07351-745x1024 2

Since spring has finally arrived here on the Canadian prairie, I did my seasonal wardrobe switch last week putting my winter clothes into storage and bringing out warm weather wear. As a result, my DIY white frayed hem jeans are back in rotation and were ready to become part of my Susan inspired outfit. The black and white striped tee and little black jacket, both from Montreal based Reitmans, stay in my closet year round.


After deciding that I quite liked the look, I switched out the white jeans for the bright red ones that I found at our local thrift store two or three years ago and the grey flats for the brand new white sneakers that I showed you last week. And voila! Another outfit that I look forward to wearing when we finally have somewhere to go!


8 thoughts on “Inspired again

  1. Love this! I think I may have to get a pair of white jeans! However,as red is my favourite colour maybe I’ll look for red ones!

    • I’d never worn red or white jeans until I found these ones, but I’m really glad I did! Both were thrifted which is a great way to try new looks without spending a lot.

  2. Are you using these bloggers’ content with their permission? If not, you may be breaching copyright. This is theft. So please, get their permission before you post. I hate to see hard-working bloggers taken advantage of. Not nice, and also not legal.

    • Though I’m not at all impressed with the tone of your comment, I do appreciate your concern. I am fully aware of copyright laws and yes, I am in contact with bloggers whose posts I refer to or whose content I use.

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